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From Rags to Riches

No I was never so poor where I had to wear rags as clothes. But looking at where I came from and where I am today reminds me of this quote. I don’t think being rich necessarily means having lots of money. I’ve been homeless living out of my car and yet I felt very rich in love. I am very grateful however to be at a more financially stable place in life than I ever have been. My parents didn’t have much money. My Dad worked his ass off for my mom, my four sisters , my brother and myself. I really admire how hard my Dad worked and the sacrifices he made while raising us.

I don’t know a whole lot about my parents life before I was born. They kept it pretty hidden. But sometime I wonder about it.

My parents taught me a lot about God, well what they thought they knew about Him anyway.

And here I am today. Living in Las Vegas, running a Pornhub channel with over 50 million views. I’ve got fans from all over the globe. I have the freedom to travel and explore. I’ve got a beautiful girl who loves and adores me and lets me have fun with other girls.

And I’m just like... “what has happened with my life?” How did it change so drastically. Is there a reason? Is my life unfolding this strange way because it’s part of God’s perfect plan for my life?

After all that I’ve experienced, I have to say YES!

I have experienced God’s love for me in a way that my parents never knew. And for this I am grateful. Most folks of the “Christian” groups would probably look at my lifestyle at a short glance and agree that I am on my way to Hell. I’ve heard what some have said about me. What a terrible and judgemental way of looking at people. But it’s true. Christians do this frequently which is why I don’t care to call myself a Christian. I don’t want to label myself with a title that has a reputation for keeping all the major rules, going to church every Sunday, and walking a straight and narrow line in hopes that God will somehow find more favor with me.

I’m just a normal dude. I don’t try to walk a straight and narrow line. I’ve had the freedom to do whatever I want. To live my life however I want to live it. And I’ve felt God’s love for me the entire journey. That being said, not all of my decisions have been beneficial to my life but it’s good to know that even when we make “not so good decisions” , that does not change how deep our Heavenly Father loves us.

I’ve got lots of people following my life right now. Many folks watching my videos and listening to what I have to say. I know I need to blog more on here and I will. Having my own website is a new thing for me and I’m still learning how to use it. But if I died tomorrow, I would want to leave you with this thought today.

God loves and cares about you so much. He’s not concerned about you keeping all the rules. Sure He wants you to live a healthy and fulfilled life. But learning how to do that is a lifelong process and we need Gods wisdom to make that happen. All we gotta do is start treating Him like He’s real. And He will show Himself to you. I try to have “God and me” time every morning. A time where I talk to God as I would a father who cares about me deeply. And He does. He cares about you too. Give Him a chance. Be careful about how the church portrays Him. It’s pretty fucked up. I say this because I’ve experienced God’s love on another lever than most churches have experienced.

If you are reading this, just know there’s a higher power that is ready to walk you through life and give you all the desires of your heart.

But here’s the kicker...


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